Setting Goals
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The biggest mistake people make is assuming money equates with happiness. The pursuit of profit is ultimately never-ending, as there will always be more money that can be made!

The key is to set yourself goals. By fulfilling these goals you will gain satisfaction as you will be able to see when you have achieved something.

This could be an aspirational goal, a sporting or endurance achievement, a creative or spiritual goal - whatever you like. You may need to alter your income, personal circumstances or even your physical fitness in order to achieve it, but by planning out what it is you wish to do, you can help chart the processes that need to happen in order to make it a reality.

Many companies use a "S.M.A.R.T." system of measurement to help define objectives, and that is a useful method to plan your personal objectives too.
S - Specific
be as specific as possible about what you want to accomplish. Vague objectives are more difficult (or impossible) to achieve

M - Measurable
be sure you can measure what you regard to be a success, so you know when you need to more and when you can afford to let up

A - Achievable
can you achieve your aim? You may want to be King or Norway or an astronaut, but unless you are related to royalty or a test pilot, this isn't likely to be acheivable!

R - Realistic
be realistic about the waypoints and progress that you intend to make. Make a note of source of help you need

T- Timed
give yourself a deadline. It's fine to run over-target (if you do, be more realistic in your objectives), but don't leave your goals hanging indefinitely