Keeping Focus and Staying on Track
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Arnold Schwarzenegger was a millionaire before he ever became a movie star. His secret? "Me on the phone, one hour every day!".

Unless you are ridiculously talented or have massive resources, it takes time and effort to get where you need to be (and sometimes even those don't help!). You need to stick at your plan, put in the work and keep at it despite setbacks and disappointments.

Keep an open mind and try and learn from failure constructively, no-one gets things right first time . . . but stick at it. James Dyson finally patented his bagless vacuum cleaners after hundreds of trial versions and research. Even a toddler learns to walk after falling over thousands of times. How many of us would continue with something after failing this many times?

You only truly fail when you give up trying. It's fine to take a knock-back, get your breath and re-assess the situation, but as long as you keep trying you will always be rolling the dice and making chances for your goals to succeed. When you stop trying, you throw in the towel and are simply waiting for a miracle to happen . . . and the odds of this are far less than someone trying to influence things by working at a plan.
When things go wrong:

Review: what happened and was this something in your control? If it was, how can this be avoided next time?

Resources: is anything additional required to improve chances of success? Alternatively, is there anything that can be salvaged for a later point in your objectives?

Retarget: if this step needs to happen then plan out your next approach with the previous problems in mind

Recharge: you may need to take a break before going at this issue again, or else give yourself a little reward once it's been overcome. Celebrating success is both important for your milestones and gives you encouragement for the remainder of your objectives.