Blocks, Obstacles and Issues
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You will frequently find problems along your journey to achieveing your goals. That's life, unfortunately. Often this can be a serious problem that will stop you head on (such as a lack of funds, or qualifications, or experience to get a position, for example).

In such cases, the easiest way to deal with this is look for a way around, rather than continue to butt against an immovable barrier. look for opportunities, re-assess your goals (are they realistic or achievable?) and try breaking down the problem into smaller steps that can be accomplished. It's often much easier to overcome a difficult task in small steps than it is to tackle a huge issue at once.

Plan out your SMART objectives for each step of the procedures you need to dismantle this task and at each step you will be closer to getting that obstacle out of your way.

Don't be afraid to think creatively! Taking an outside-the-box approach is sometimes the best way to deal with an issue that seems to defy every attempt to resolve it.

Also, don't be afraid to ask for help. People will often go out of their way to assist people if genuine help is needed. Just remember to offer help yourself if you are asked, nothing is better than being able to help someone else get to where they need to be in life.
Common Problems and Issues

Debt: Money makes a lot of things easier, but debt is harder to deal with. If debt or bad credit is holding you back, make this your priority. Many sites offer practical advice on bad credit.

Time: We all have busy lives and it's hard to spend time on additional projects. Make an honest audit of your time for a week - you may be surprised how much time you spend doing things you don't need to - like watching TV. Even getting up half an hour earlier can give you enough time to get something positive done.

Difficulty: Some things seem insurmountable. When Joe Simpson broke his leg and was cut free from his climbing partner, the crawl out of a crevasse and across miles of glaciers and boulders seemed impossible. So he broke the orderal into short steps, giving himself a target to reach a point in a certain time. As a result he made it back alive. Most of us don't have problems this big!