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We'd all like to be relaxing somewhere sunny, hearing the surf lap against the shore until the horizon had a russet glow at sunset. However, most of us don't usually feel we have the time or money to be able to do this more than once in a lifetime.

Being happy is more than just a one-shot deal. And just being rich isn't a guarantee of happiness either, as the problem to making money is that there's always more money to be made.

Being happy or fulfilled is a product of achieving your goals. These can be anything from becoming a published writer, paying off your credit cards each month, starting a family or being able to retire at 35. You may have an over-arching goal that you wish to fulfill, or lots of other targets that will probably change throughout your life.

Recognising what these are, setting your objectives correctly and utilising the resources available to achieve them is the key to becoming a happy, contended and fulfilled individual. This site offers some help, tips and advice to get you there.
Setting Goals
- set yourself the right targets

Dealing with Blockers
- overcome obstacles

Stay Focussed
- staying positive despite setbacks